Poole's dreams of winning the SGB Championship Pairs title were left on the start line in the final as Steve Worrall suffered a blown motor, handing the title to Redcar.

A choked Worrall admitted afterwards, "I am absolutely gutted. The engine just blew at what has to be the worst possible time. Had it happened earlier in the meeting then I could have done something about it or get on my other bike, but to happen when it did was just terrible timing. Partner Danny King added "that was the worst possible way to lose out in the final and I feel for Steve. Once I realised that he hadn't got going,  I knew that was it. It didn't matter what I did as under the scoring system we couldn't win the title. 
Poole had finished as runners-up in group B after suffering a 7-2 reverse by Redcar in the fourth outing, having previously seen off PlymouTh (7-2), Berwick (6-3) and Oxford (7-2) and that victory over Berwick saw them into the semi-finals as they had level points with the Bandits. Facing Leicester, the highest scoring pair, in the semi-final it was a fine win from Worrall with King back in third that put Poole into the final, Redcar progressing against Glasgow, who had Ben Basso going through the card unbeaten, but in Pairs scoring it is not necessarily the best strategy.
The final outcome means that Wednesday night's Summer Spectacular will have added spice to it as the Pirates need to beat Redcar to give themselves any hope of avoiding the quarter final stages of the play-offs. Admission prices have been slashed to just Adults/OAPS/Concessionary £10; Students £6 and under sixteens free with the gates opening at 6pm and the riders available until 6.30pm for an autograph signing session, with free posters being handed out as well as a number of other giveaways and attractions. 

Group A Scores: Leicester 26 (N.Morris 11/R.Worrall 15); Glasgow 21 (D.Hume 5/B.Basso 16); Scunthorpe 16 (J.Wright 8/S.Lambert 8); Edinburgh 15 (K.Thomson 7/M.Castagna 8); Birmingham 12 (J.Sedgmen 12/J.Pearson 0)
Group B Scores: Redcar 25 (C.Wright 14/L.Kerr 11); Poole 22 (S.Worrall 10/D.King 12); Berwick 22 (C.Harris 11/J.Etheridge 11); Oxford 13 (S.Nicholls 8/A.Summers 5); Plymouth 8 (B.Morley 2/A.Roynon 6)
S/F1 S.Worrall, N.Morris, D.King, R.Worrall [PO 6-LE 3]
S/F2 B.Basso, C.Wright, L.Kerr, D.Hume [RE 5-GL 4]
FINAL C.Wright, L.Kerr, D.King, S.Worrall(rtd) [RE 7-PO 2]

Qualifying heats:

Ht 1 R.Worrall, N.Morris, K.Thomson, M.Castagna(rtd) [LE 7-ED 2]
Ht 2 D.King, S.Worrall, A.Roynon, B.Morley(rtd) [PO 7-PL 2]
Ht 3 B.Basso, S.Lambert, D.Hume, J.Wright(rtd) [GL 6-SC 3]
Ht 4 J.Etheridge, C.Harris, S.Nicholls, A.Summers(rtd) [BE 7-OX 2]
Ht 5 J.Sedgmen, K.Thomson, M.Castagna, J.Pearson [ED 5-BI 4]
Ht 6 L.Kerr, C.Wright, A.Roynon, B.Morley(rtd) [RE 7-PL 2]
Ht 7 B.Basso, R.Worrall, N.Morris, D.Hume [LE 5-GL 4]
Ht 8 S.Worrall, C.Harris, D.King, J.Etheridge [PO 6-BE 3]
Ht 9 J.Sedgmen, S.Lambert, J.Wright, J.Pearson [SC 5-BI 4]
Ht 10 C.Wright, L.Kerr, A.Summers, S.Nicholls [RE 7-OX 2]
Ht 11 B.Basso, M.Castagna, K.Thomson, D.Hume [ED 5-GL 4]
Ht 12 J.Etheridge, C.Harris, B.Morley, A.Roynon [BE 7-PL 2]
Ht 13 R.Worrall, N.Morris, J.Wright, S.Lambert [LE 7-SC 2]
Ht 14 D.King, S.Worrall, S.Nicholls, A.Summers [PO 7-OX 2]
Ht 15 B.Basso, D.Hume, J.Sedgmen, J.Pearson [GL 7-BI 2]
Ht 16 C.Wright, J.Etheridge, C.Harris, L.Kerr [BE 5-RE 4]
Ht 17 J.Wright, M.Castagna, S.Lambert, K.Thomson [SC 6-ED 3]
Ht 18 S.Nicholls, A.Summers, A.Roynon, B.Morley [OX 7-PL 2]
Ht 19 R.Worrall, N.Morris, J.Sedgmen, J.Pearson [LE 7-BI 2]
Ht 20 L.Kerr, C.Wright, D.King, S.Worrall [RE 7-PO 2]

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