Poole provided all fifteen race winners as they signed off their Southern Group fixtures of the SGB Championship Jubilee League competition with a mammoth 62-28 score against Devonshire rivals Plymouth, with their heat leader trio of Danny King (full), Steve Worrall (paid) and Richard Lawson (paid) all achieving maximums.

Such was the magnitude of this victory – the club's biggest score since they beat King's Lynn 65-25 on the very same day (10th August) in 2016 – they were able to rest their big three from the final race and hand the responsibility of securing the full house of race winners to Drew Kemp, proving that Worrall is something of a shrewd judgement of riders. 

Worrall admitted "I was pleased with how everything went tonight, and it was nice to be able to sit back and watch that last one. Drew went out there and did the business in heat fifteen and I felt like he has improved so much, well, especially after last week but he couldn't have got much worse than that. But no, I felt like I worked with him you know and helped him. When we were out together I was looking for him through those first corners and it has certainly boosted his confidence. I think he is very much a confidence rider and me and Danny (King) were chatting to him in the changing rooms last week and I said to him you are good enough to be going out there and winning heat fifteens and hey look, he went out there tonight in heat fifteen and did just that. The biggest thing for me is to see him score like he did tonight. He is a key part of the team and we need that Drew going into the play offs and we have a very important meeting next week against Redcar and we need to take this form through into that one." 

Just as Birmingham had been twelve days ago, the Plymouth side arrived ravaged through injuries and non-availability of riders and needed to rely on guest riders, fielding just two of their declared one to seven, and those two were their reserves Ben Morley and Harry McGurk.  

But Poole spared them no sympathy and gave a demonstration of fast starts and attacking first turns, recording seven maximum heat scores, a further three heat advantages, sharing just five of the heats. 

It was the perfect way for King and Worrall to prepare for Friday night's Championship Pairs at Oxford and if they can match the sharpness shown from this meeting then they could well be bringing the title back to Wimborne Road ahead of that crucial final league match of the season, one the Pirates need to win to keep their hopes of a top two finish alive and thus avoid the quarter final stages of the play-offs. 

POOLE 62 ,Danny King 12 (3,3,3,3) ,Richard Lawson 11+1 (3,3,2',3) ,Steve Worrall 11+1 (3,3,3,2') ,Drew Kemp 10+2 (0,2',3,2',3) ,Zach Cook 8+1 (3,0,3,2') ,Ben Cook 7+1 (1,1,2',3,0) ,Nathan Ablitt 3+1 (2',0,1,0)  

PLYMOUTH 28 ,Lewis Kerr 8+1 (2,2,1',1EH,1,1) ,Dillon Ruml 8 (0,2,1,2,1,2) ,Jason Edwards 6+2 (1',2,0,2,0,1') ,Ben Morley 3+2 (1EH,1',RS,0,TS,1') ,Broc Nicol 3 (2,1,0,0,0) ,Harry McGurk 0 (0,RS,0,RS,0) 

Heat Details and Match Report

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