Ipswich Witches v Poole Pirates


For the second successive away fixture the No.1 Carpet Cleaning Pirates got off to an abysmal start but unlike their exploits in Manchester 10 days ago, they were unable to produce a second half recovery that would yield them any reward, although they were somewhat more competitive as the meeting progressed and actually outpointed the Witches 20-16 over the final six races.

Captain Josh Grajczonek stood out like a beacon in the Poole side dropping points only to Danny King (heat seven) and Chris Harris (heat 10), whilst the Pirates had reason to feel a bit hard done by when guest Tobiasz Musielak suffered fuel starvation in heat nine after establishing a huge lead and really looking the part. Next time out he paired up with fellow guest Scott Nicholls on a 5-1, only Poole's second heat advantage of the evening - Nicholls incidentally featuring in the first through winning that heat 10.

Richie Worrall was also burdened with machine problems in his first two rides but did muster a well-deserved second place in heat 8, a heat which finished in high drama as Jake Allen attempted a last bend pass on Nikolaj Busk-Jakobsen but was jettisoned from his machine as it plummetted into the safety fence. Thankfully Allen did walk away from the incident but took no further part in the meeting.

Poole's hopes of progressing any further in this Supporters Cup are all but dashed as the maximum number points they can now achieve will be 12 and that will require taking all available points off King's Lynn in their remaining two fixtures. Swindon currently are on 10 points with one meeting left, which is also against King's Lynn. Ipswich have completed their schedule, finishing on 10.

C.Harris 2',3,2,1,1'=9+2
R.Lawson 3,2',3,0,0=8+1
D.King 2',3,3,1',3=12+2
D.Bellego 1',3,1',0=5+2
K.Pieszczek 2,1,2,2=7
C.Heeps 3,0,1,2=6
J.Allen 2',3,F=5+1

J.Holder 1,2,2,0,0=5
R.Worrall R,R,2,0=2
T.Musielak (G) 0,1,R,3,1'=5+1
J.Grajczonek 3,1',1,3,3=11+1
S.Nicholls (G) 0,2,3,2',2=9+1
N.Covatti 1,R,3=4
N.Busk-Jakobsen 0,1,1'=2+1

Ht 1:  R.Lawson,  C.Harris,  J.Holder,  R.Worrall  (Rtd) 5-1  5-1 |56.6]
Ht 2:  C.Heeps,  J.Allen,  N.Covatti,  N.Busk-Jakobsen 5-1  10-2 [57.0]
Ht 3:  J.Grajczonek,  K.Pieszczek,  D.Bellego,  S.Nicholls (G) 3-3  13-5 [56.7]
Ht 4:  J.Allen,  D.King,  N.Busk-Jakobsen,  T.Musielak (G) 5-1  18-6 [57.0]
Ht 5:  D.Bellego,  J.Holder,  K.Pieszczek,  R.Worrall  (Rtd) 4-2  22-8 [57.7]
Ht 6:  C.Harris,  R.Lawson,  T.Musielak (G),  N.Covatti  (Rtd) 5-1  27-9 [57.6]
Ht 7:  D.King,  S.Nicholls (G),  J.Grajczonek,  C.Heeps 3-3  30-12 [57.1]
Ht 8:  R.Lawson,  R.Worrall,  N.Busk-Jakobsen,  J.Allen  (Fell) 3-3 33-15 [57.8]
Ht 9:  N.Covatti,  K.Pieszczek,  D.Bellego,  T.Musielak (G)  (Rtd) 3-3  36-18 [58.4]
Ht 10:  S.Nicholls (G),  C.Harris,  J.Grajczonek,  R.Lawson 2-4  38-22 [56.8]
Ht 11:  D.King,  J.Holder,  C.Heeps,  R.Worrall 4-2  42-24 [57.5]
Ht 12:  T.Musielak (G),  S.Nicholls (G),  C.Harris,  D.Bellego 1-5  43-29 [57.9]
Ht 13:  J.Grajczonek,  K.Pieszczek,  D.King,  J.Holder 3-3  46-32 [58.2]
Ht 14:  D.King,  S.Nicholls (G),  T.Musielak (G),  R.Lawson 3-3  49-35 [57.8]
Ht 15:  J.Grajczonek,   C.Heeps,  C.Harris,  J.Holder 3-3  52-38 [58]58
Gates: POOLE won toss and chose gates 1&3 | IPSWICH took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Dave Watters
Group Points IPSWICH 3 POOLE 0
Rider of the Night: Josh Grajczonek

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