Poole Pirates v Birmingham Brummies


Pirates retained their long unbeaten home performances with a 54-36 league win over Birmimingham

Once Steve Worrall and Zach Cook joined forces leaving the first turn in heat one, an opening Pirates 5-1 never looked in doubt as Poole got off to the best possible start.

The Brummies though responded with a lesser heat advantage of their own when Stefan Nielsen enjoyed his return to Wimborne Road with a fine victory and first-timer James Pearson found a way by Nathan Ablitt, but that brought about an emphatic second maximum of the meeting in heat three, once Richard Lawson reaped the rewards for the hard work invested in getting by Brummies skipper Ashley Morris to join the fast trapping Ben Cook. Heat four had the look of a ragged start about it but Adam Ellis wasn't bothered as he had daylight ahead of him. Danny King set about the chase, without success. Pearson clouted the pit turn entrance air fence hard on his final lap, but the heat share was already assured by then.

Ben Cook was again sharp from the tapes and just as in heat three Lawson linked up him. There was a slightly scary moment for Shanes on lap two but the ex-Pirate cleverly saved it, but failed to score. Worrall was the gater in heat six and it took a good effort from Zach Cook to come through from the back with a clean pass on Nielsen and then give Ellis plenty to think about it during the duration of the last two circuits. It was two-on-the-trot for Ellis who was drafted in as a tactical substitute to cover one of the rider replacement outings and he had Morris in close quarters as they struck big for a 5-1 over King and Drew Kemp. Zach Cook was a lone Pirate finisher in heat eight as Ablitt suffered bike problems, but the victory from the Aussie ensured the visitors couldn't claw back any of their eight point deficit. When Lawson dug deep in heat nine to make an excellent pass around the outside of Ellis it set up the Pirates to actually extend their lead. It might have been more had Ben Cook been able to follow suit, but the opportunity escaped him and he suffered his first defeat of the night. A super first turn by Worrall to assume the lead set the Pirates up for a ten point lead at the break, Zach Cook completing his night's work with a fourth place for a paid seven return.

King had made significant set-up changes pit-side and looked a totally different rider on his detuned motor, winning heat eleven in style but for partner Kemp, who was slow out the traps had far too much to do on a 'popping' machine. Lawson's decent night's work continued, again battling from the back to set up his second maximum in as many Wimborne Road meetings, but it was another shared heat as Ablitt ran a last in heat twelve. 

Dominant stuff from Poole's top two put the match beyond doubt in heat thirteen as King made it two from two and had brilliant support from the still unbeaten Worrall. It was one ride too far for the busy Ellis as he failed to finish in his sixth ride. Brummies still had fight in them, as Ashley Morris demonstrated with a sharp gate to put a three point ride of his own on the card. Behind him Kemp passed Pearson to share the heat and the curtain came down with the Pirates stronghold of King and Worrall again partnering for a 5-1, this time Morris retiring and leaving Vissing to bank his fifth point of the night.

S.Worrall,3,3,3,2',2'=13+2 (5)
Z.Cook,2',1,3,0=6+1 (4)
R.Lawson,2',2',3,3=10+2 (4)
B.Cook,3,3,1,2=9 (4)
D.King,2,1,3,3,3=12 (5)
D.Kemp,2,0,0,1'=3+1 (4)
N.Ablitt,0,1',R,0=1+1 (4)
C.Vissing,0,1,2,1,1=5 (5)
J.Shanes,1,0,0,1',RS=2+1 (4)
Rider Replacement
A.Morris,1,2',1',2,3,R=9+2 (6)
A.Ellis,3,2,3,2,2,R=12 (6)
S.Nielsen,3,0,2,RS,1',1'=7+2 (5)
J.Pearson,1,F,RS,0,0=1 (4)
Ht 1:  S.Worrall, Z.Cook, J.Shanes, C.Vissing 5-1 5-1 [60.72]
Ht 2:  S.Nielsen, D.Kemp, J.Pearson, N.Ablitt 2-4 7-5 [60.76]
Ht 3:  B.Cook, R.Lawson, A.Morris, J.Shanes 5-1 12-6 [60.32]
Ht 4:  A.Ellis, D.King, N.Ablitt, J.Pearson [fell] 3-3 15-9 [60.59]
Ht 5:  B.Cook, R.Lawson, C.Vissing, J.Shanes 5-1 20-10 [59.69]
Ht 6:  S.Worrall, A.Ellis, Z.Cook, S.Nielsen 4-2 24-12 [61]
Ht 7:  A.Ellis, A.Morris, D.King, D.Kemp 1-5 25-17 [61.25]
Ht 8:  Z.Cook, S.Nielsen, J.Shanes, N.Ablitt [rtd] 3-3 28-20 [60.28]
Ht 9:  R.Lawson, A.Ellis, B.Cook, J.Pearson 4-2 32-22 [60.54]
Ht 10:  S.Worrall, A.Ellis, A.Morris, Z.Cook 3-3 35-25 [60.78]
Ht 11:  D.King, C.Vissing, S.Nielsen, D.Kemp 3-3 38-28 [61.15]
Ht 12:  R.Lawson, A.Morris, S.Nielsen, N.Ablitt 3-3 41-31 [61.18]
Ht 13:  D.King, S.Worrall, C.Vissing, A.Ellis [rtd] 5-1 46-32 [60.93]
Ht 14:  A.Morris, B.Cook, D.Kemp, J.Pearson 3-3 49-35 [61.28]
Ht 15:  D.King, S.Worrall, C.Vissing, A.Morris [rtd] 5-1 54-36 [61.22]
REFEREE:  Christine Turnbull 
BIRMINGHAM won toss and deferred choice to heat 15; POOLE chose gates 2&4 |BIRMINGHAM choose gates 1&3 in heat 15  
League Points: POOLE 3 BIRMINGHAM 0

Rider of the Night: Steve Worrall

Pictures: Anthony Burchall

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